Happily single…….

For full transparency here, this topic is hardly my trope, so take anything with a grain of salt. I am probably well off writing something about say, politics or cinema. May be here I'm justifying myself  for being single 😬😝. Coming, Many young people, like me, seem to dread the idea of them being single.  [...]


The dark side of K-pop: What lurks beneath the surface of this perfect plastic world

http://www.news.com.au/entertainment/music/the-dark-side-of-kpop-what-lurks-beneath-the-surface-of-this-perfect-plastic-world/news-story/bfa6f7bd0ab5e6c985d43c8a680cabb Another reason for me to hate K-pop. Not only its bad for music but bad for human psyche in general. inside koreas plastic surgery machine Watching the above video im really torn between thinkin "its their choice anyway" to " one should learn to accept ourselves and potray the best possible version of ourselves, [...]

How to be a good teacher

A discussion of how to be a good teacher sounds a little narrow – and probably not very relevant to most of us. Few of us want to be a school teacher, instructing children in some narrow academic subject or other, which is what we overwhelmingly associate with the word ‘teacher’, the person in a [...]

My wierd twitter addiction 

Here are the wierd reasons:  1. One-way communication (people do not mutually need to be interested in each other). I personally find the follower-following model better than the friends one. 2. Virality: Twitter is the place where news spread like wildfire. 3. Conciseness: The 280 character limit makes people think (at least some of them) before they tweet [...]