Arrival is one of the beautiful films that I have watched in recent times.The film suggests that knowing what will happen in the future doesn’t diminish the meaning behind a choice you’ll make today. On the contrary, it says every choice you do make can be made knowing it will actively shape what’s to come. In the circular, non-linear minds of Arrival’s aliens and Louise Banks, the destination doesn’t even exist.Arrival isn’t about time travel. It’s also not a commentary on gene-modification, abortion, or any other hot-button topic about using our foresight into the future to force our present path to diverge. It’s about acceptance, understanding our life’s choices, and living as if any one moment were as valuable or meaningful as the next.

Instead of treating that message like a superpower to acquire, the film delivers it as a subtle worldview. Hidden under Arrival’s more palatable themes about overcoming cultural differences and uniting as one species is the films more direct message about learning how to appreciate life’s moments, to live outside the bounds of time.

And lastly i love the film’s  OST mainly ” on the nature of daylight” by Max richer so much so that it’s my current ringtone 😉.


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