My Sombre self – The lessons i learnt from it

First i will be a bit revealing without overexposing myself. This month had been a period of some deep depressing events. I am not going to delve into the specifics of how, who and what caused my depression. Rather i am going to focus on how i am going to equip myself to get myself or anyone out of their sadness and also to keep me distracted from my sadness 😜 . Frankly, everyone goes through this phase. It is how we learn from it and tackle it in future sets some of us apart!!!!

Me and everyone wants to live in this happy, spotless world. In living those happy and sweet moments i ignored some ugly truths that had to be addressed. Failing to adress the same accumulated my problems and one day it all came crashing down like a badly dilapidated house of cards. It has hit me hard, infact very hard that they had thrown me into a very vulnerable state of perpetual sadness living in the miseiries of the past and wary of the future brimmed with negativity. It has even turned some of my attitudes upside down. But i have also come to realize my stronger and weaker self.

To overcome it first, i have to embrace my harsh reality that has happened to me without hating anyone. Hating something no matter how justified it can be will always make us blinded. This period has made me question my beliefs and character and wanting to hate myself for who i am. Rather than hating myself i have to focus on my individuality because it what that makes myself and everyone else unique and special. I have to constantly challenge myself to become a better person each day.

I am now taking my time off from my usual routine and focussing on finding the best of me. My life has now entered into a world of infinite possibilities and opportunity that it has to offer me not bound by expectations and deadlines. I am excited for the surprises (good or bad) that it has to offer. Because friend, now i have become more strong and determined than ever before.

Right now i am being reminded of a line from my favourite song “kaantha” from uriyadi,” காந்தா…வாழ்கைய பாரு…… அதில அர்தம் நூரு. “


2 thoughts on “My Sombre self – The lessons i learnt from it

  1. Bro, Everyone passes these struggles. But the most important thing to note is to learn the right lessons from. Some of our attitude might have been responsible for it. We must correctly identify those and rectify. Because when I am gng through those phases the mistake I made is changing completely or over changing which must be avoided. Everyone of us stand for oneself as an identity and we must not lose it. Twisting is okay but don’t get as if whatever done is wrong. Some might be wrong and some might actually be correct but just didnt work right. Some might have actually helped in the crisis not getting further worse. Just have a think about it.


    1. Yes, Gokul you are absolutely right. I am merely mentioned that it makes wanting to hate myself but i am trying become a stronger person by embracing the good things i have in my self. Anyways thanks for your kind advice 😊.


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