Women are better than men.

In India, women are discriminated right from the womb itself. Illegal sex determination and female foeticide are still prevalent in India. Even if she’s born, In India children are not being brought up as children, rather in our society children are being brought up as men and women as if they are two completely different entities. Women have a long list of don’ts which essentially makes them as second gender to men and dependent on them. They are denied their right to choose, right to Liberty which every men enjoy. We men enjoy objectification of women in every forum possible right from movies to stupid Whatsapp scandals.  Despite all these injustice we men have done to them in all of history and frankly arrogance we have shown towards them, they still love us and care about us. Doesn’t that mean that they are better than men???. 

Whenever a godman or politicians make a comment that women must dress modestly, am i the only one to think that they are infact speaking low of men that they are predators and cant stop preying on women. And mustn’t we men be ashamed of ourselves for those comments they made on us???. 

I don’t want to provide security to women and make them dependent again on men, instead i want them to be independent and secure themselves. I dont want women to carry man’s name and stand behind the success of men, instead their career success have speak for themselves. I dont want to hear qoutes like,” Behind the success of every man there’s a woman”. Why should she sacrifice everything for the success of men?? Why should women always be the one to sacrifice everything???. I just want world in which both men and women can inspire each other and succeed. I don’t want to celebrate women’s day just to recognize the sacrifices they have made to us men. I want them to be a treated equal to men in every way possible, infact they are not infeior to us they are better than us. 

Women are not wired to see disagreement as a challenge to themselves. Women value common welfare above singular success. Women are more open to cooperation than competition. Women have evolved to focus more on prudent long-term survival, and less on immediate gains. When women give birth and spend months suckling an infant, they understand better that we all depend on each other. They’re programmed to nurture the defenseless, plan for the future, value others for their qualities rather than for their externals.

Yes, these are generalizations. I am more right than wrong

please dont ask when men and women are equal why not celebrate men’s day??? No one wishes British as happy Independence day, we can only wish countries who were freed from them.


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