#Career, #UPSC, An introduction to my Adulthood.

We’ve all been there before, and if you haven’t, well, you will. You’re at an outing with friends and family, and the dreaded question comes up. You know, the question about your future. “What are your plans after graduation?” It’s a loaded question because while some people have it together, others don’t… most of us don’t.

Figuring out life after graduation can be hard. When you go to college, you know you’re generally locked in for a 3-5 year commitment depending on what plan you’re on. But when choosing a job, and even better, a career, it’s not the same. There is no set timeline and generally no designated path or footsteps for you to follow unless you follow in the footsteps of your parents or a fantastic mentor.

As many of you have already know, I am preparing for UPSC.  Adding to my adulthood woes of relationships, Getting settled, Start earning and making a name for myself, I also happen to choose one of the toughest exams in the world. And preparing for it becomes frustrating,  Constantly enduring failures and most of all is getting ‘career advices’ from Parents, relatives and neighbors.

Sitting at my home with a teaching job just enough to feed myself and for my brother’s expenses, while most of my friends are already in a stable job, I wonder at times whether I have chosen the right career path for myself especially for the past three, four months. I feel my life would be a lot easier if pursued MA Political Science right after my B.E and pursue Ph.D. afterwards . As I said before, it really gets frustrating.

Persistence: How to keep going when everything tells you to Quit.

Despite the numerous hurdles that life puts in front of us and failures in our career, persistence is the key. Recently I got a chance to take a look at the profiles(DAF) of students who are attending mock interview in Shankar IAS academy. I took a glance at their age and I was really surprised to see almost 95% of them are older to me. And a bulk 70% of them are born before 1990.

I am not trying to say that its OK to have failed two times but still many of them should have gone through similar phases like myself, failing numerous times and stand at exact position as myself wondering about their life but they persisited with it. Courageous persistence is the one quality more than any other that can guarantee success. And success is something we all want, isn’t it? But to be successful takes persistence. Whether you want to lose a few kilos, get an A in a class, or any goal that you want to succeed in, you need to be persistent. It is the difference between a successful outcome and a failed one.

The definition of persistence is the quality that allows someone to continue doing something even though it is difficult or opposed by other people. This is not something you do with external goals, but it is something you do internally. And I know all too well, in the face of pain, agony and defeat, it is difficult to stay persistent. Its easy to get sidetracked by the sheer amount of pressure you handle and think its way beyond your reach. As i said in my previous blog “Your dream may seem ridiculously unattainable, but everybody who’s a somebody was once a nobody”.

P.S: i came across recently that one can pursue PhD even after clearing UPSC, so i can do PhD in area studies anyway. 😛


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