Photographing darkness

Photography is hardly my hobby, this is just a one time thing for now. I only know the basics which my brother had taught me before and my fascination for cinematography helped me a lot.

The camera I used is an ordinary Nikon dx camera with 50 mm f 1.8 prime lens. Even though the camera was OK, the prime lens that I was using was pretty amazing.

The photos below are unedited photos, I hate editing the photos as it takes away the natural feel of the images and ends up looking clichéd.


1 (2)

Not every detail is captured in this image, so the story is not conveyed properly. I focussed directly into the light source and deliberately under exposed the subject, most photographers wont do that. This image and the next are inspired from Gordon Willis cinematography who uses this technique a lot. There is a reason why he is called as the ‘prince of darkness’. Some of the shots from his movies are down below

Roger deakins one of the greatest cinematographer working today too uses this technique a lot. Though there are many illustrations of him using this technique, the one below is the breathtaking train robbery scene from the movie The assassination of Jesse James.  Just look at this image and its unique vignetting and colour aberrations around the edges,Wow!!!

.The Assassinaion of Jesse James train robbery A lot of tamil cinemas nowadays are using this technique a lot but instead they backlit and front lit the scene making it over exposed and frankly sometimes unpleasant to watch when done over and over again.


2 (2)

The technique used is the same as in the previous photo, i focussed the light source and under exposed the subject. The result is this beautiful image which is so empowering to look at. And thanks to the woman who even though was super annoyed at me for taking a photo of her, ended up asking a copy of this photo.



This was taken when I was about to cross the road, waiting for the signal. I probably should have lowered my ISO as the image looks overexposed.



Homeless people having a sleep even when everything around them is clumsy and fast.

I got this idea to use my office camera and capture the night life of city as I was felling  bored and hearing the noise of AC in my hotel room again and again, alone made me feel claustrophobic.

(sorry if there are any errors, flow issues or writing issues with this post. I couldn’t get a good nights sleep for a couple of days due to work, travelling and stuff,sorry) 


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