Baby Driver – Movie review, An eccentric adrenaline rush.

The genre of comedy largely has not evolved for a very long time, mostly relying on quirky dialogues, on screen characterization. For a theatrical play, it’s okay, here they do not have any other way  convey comedy. But when it comes to a film medium, there are so many ways to potray a potentially comedic situation – many of which are ignored by filmmakers making comedies today. Edgar Wright, on the other hand, takes advantage of seemingly mundane cinematic devices like transitional sequences, sounds, how a character enters a frame and exposition scenes, and pulls as much comedy out of it (or puts as much in) as he can. He leaves no comedic stone unturned. That’s why i love Edgar wright so much. He is so unique in his approach, and for me, he is one of the greatest directors working today.He’s one of the few film-makers working right now who fully embraces visual storytelling, who doesn’t let a single shot, cut or aspect of sounds design go without meaning. 

With Baby driver he delves into a new teritory. What Baby Driver uniquely does is ask this question: what is a musical without musical numbers? Nobody breaks into singing and there’s no synchronised dancers, and yet every aspect of the movie is driven by the beats and rhythm of the music. It’s truly unique and absolutely spectacular. Every cut, every camera movement, every character action is matched to the beat. During frantic gun fights every spray of machine gun fire fits the music. This is a testament to his imagination, planning and control. There’s a dedication to this kind of style that’s rare among creative workers. Wright has said that he’s been planning this film for more than 20 years, and I believe it. More impressively, it doesn’t feel like a gimmick. I wouldn’t go as far as to say it’s subtle, it’s more a bedrock of a concept on which a great story gets told.The plot is as simple as it comes: A young getaway driver is working for crimeboss to repay his debt.  After he meets the love of his life he seeks freedom and a final heist threatens his love and his path to that very freedom.  What elevates this film above the story is the incredible style that Baby Driver just oozes from the start.  Baby Driver is fast moving masterpiece and a stylistic blast from start to finish.

Baby Driver is the culmination of every experiment in visual storytelling Wright has attempted and i cannot wait to see what he does next.


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