We were in love

So much has happened since i last wrote, I bought and lost a really expensive cycle, like yesterday, so thats for stupidy fresh😢. I just attended an interview for the post of Asst. Manager in NABARD, lets hope atleast i clear this one.Yeah.,Whatever.,,,

Coming, If u came to read this post expecting to narrate my broken love and really melt myself down, you are in for a dissapointment. The ensuing Post is an ode actually written by my really awesome friend and colleague Gowtham in his blog(and so the title).

The sound of the gavel,
Ringing in my ears
I still cannot feel,
That it finally has.

We might just be,
One in today’s hundred.
But for us, it will be,
The one day, we dreaded.

I looked across the sea,
Of black coats.
Your eyes refused to see,
Even my shadows.

When I exited the entrance
And nowhere to go
The Sky began to fall,
In a melancholic flow.

The first time we met,
Is still infant fresh.
Yet, the stage is now set,
To depart marriage mesh.

You never told me
Why you like me,
I just assume
It had to be me.
Is that the same,
Reason you hate me?
Or I shouldn’t assume,
It must be me.

Our Marital alliance was
Born out of war
What we endured was
Worse than sore

Where When What,
Nobody knows.
Love Like Lust,
Lost in Egotistic snow.
Lips and Ears Failed
To convey.
What our Eyes Used
To do one day.

Pleasure and Joy
Nowhere to find,
Pain and Agony
Now here to grind.

Our bond is null,
Just like our love,
But please do Tell,
Were not we in love?

Books we shared and,
The ensued talks.
Conversations we had and,
The sprouted fights.
Distances we travelled and,
The blossomed smiles.
Kisses we placed and,
The vanished space.

Is all of this Just,
A dream?
I hear the crest,
Of A thousand screams.

If you feel the above poem is awesome just like me, feel free check out his awesome blog https://mediocreperspectives.blogspot.in/  .His blog is mostly filled with policy jargon and some about his life and whatnot’s as a bonus, Im just forewarning you.

Spoiler Alert: He writes and updates his blog almost regularly not like that wierdo who goes by the name Aravind.


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