In a free society, where the fear of idea does not exist.

Let’s start straightaway with an extreme case. A case that has been sunk in emotion for decades. A case that instigates people into making all sorts of comments. At, there is an interesting Q & A. The subject is the Nazi holocaust. The question is: Why is holocaust denial a crime in some countries? [...]


Michel Foucault- ” Power is everywhere”

Suddenly you are asked to compose an ultra-short history of philosophy. Perhaps you've been challenged to squeeze the impossibly sprawling diversity of philosophy itself into just a Simple tweet or Facebook post. You could do worse than to search for the single word that best captures the ideas of every important philosopher. Plato had his [...]

Part 2c: Capture Medium – Film beats digital in…

My thoughts exactly, and adding to it film stock gives a more organic look and captures the cinematic reality perfectly when placed in right hands. This simply cannot be achieved in digital. Imagine Godfather shot on digital it would completely ruin the mastery of Gordon wills.

A Cinematographer's Journal

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In the last post, we discussed how the accessibility of digital makes it, by default, the primary option for many filmmakers. In this post, however, we’ll discuss an area where film is superior.

“Film is better than digital in…Craftsmanship!”

It’s not that film automatically makes someone a craftsperson in as much as digital, has de-emphasized some of the basic tenets of being a craftsperson. How so?

Self-promotion With digital, anyone who can pick up a camera is all of a sudden a filmmaker/cinematographer.

Think of this, just because someone has a license to drive does not make them a race car driver. Similarly, being a cinematographer is more than name or title; it’s about an experience level, a manner of approach, and attitude towards the craft.

I started in the production field as a grip/production assistant. After that, I spent time as a gaffer. Both these jobs required…

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