Why Neo-Feminism is actually regressive. 

Some of you are probably already triggered. My bad I should have put a trigger warning on the essay title for all my peers. Ok,  I’m probably gonna get a lot of heat for this essay. We all probably have strong feelings about this topic, whether they are in one direction or the other. My [...]


Sands of Time

I have to do a travelogue of this sorts, one day. Hope that day comes.

Diary of an Aesthete

Sahara… صَحَارَى

How can one word still evoke so much?
Even now, as time moves on at such quickening pace…

Worlds begin to collide, continents drift.

Again I am standing with feet between two lands. Yet for once I am not shaken, but stilled by this dissonance, this ambivalence… Life continues to move forward into beautiful and wicked dichotomy. I’ve learnt to love my life’s dilemma, learn each day to accept it more. Even a dying flower holds a certain beauty… and, yet, I feel myself blooming again, shooting up and climbing around the doors I once traversed, now closed to me… and I find a window.

Many moons have passed, buds have bloomed, leaves have fallen, and somehow, it still lingers… doesn’t seem to age in my mind, nor fade, or harden like memories often do. That one word. Sahara. It brings back so much.

I guess it’s time…

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Friendship as the Basis for a Modern-Day Romance

When Women Inspire

I think being friends has to be at the core of a 21st-century romantic relationship. It is the glue, essentially, that holds together the good stuff that could potentially come with time, such as buying a home and having kids. Truthfully though I see this element lacking in some relationships around me, with the people within the couple wanting to have that special thing called “love” above all else (including genuinely liking the person they’re with). There are also satisfied couples around me. And there are so many ways for people to meet now, from online at Guernsey dating or elsewhere to in person. In my opinion, people can only find true happiness once they love themselves first; they can build on this happiness even more with a friendship that buds into a romance.

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